Sunday, October 28, 2012

Menu Monday: I'm back!

Menu Monday

Monday:  Chicken Enchiladas with crock-pot cilantro lime chicken (my first go at this recipe)

Tuesday:  French Onion Soup (in memory of the amazing weekend I just had at Jes and Ryan French's house in Des Moines)

Wednesday: Spooky Chicken Tacos (made with crock-pot cilantro lime chicken, so I hope it turns out ok on Monday)

ThursdayChicken Taco Salad (surprise, I'm hoping to make it with crock-pot cilantro lime chicken)

Friday: Not sure...

Saturday: Not sure... whatever it is though it will be in Eau Claire, but we are not traveling this weekend. (Hands in the air!) Yea!

So, keeping up a blog while working is easier said than done. Example: This blog.  However, after a weekend with friends in which we ate amazing food and talked about our own cooking and getting an email from Greg's Grandma requesting an update... here I am!

Hooray for fun friends who still like to take funny photos!