About Midwest Girl

Welcome to Midwest Girl! My name is Mary and no matter where in the world I live I’ll always be a Midwest Girl. I’m also a God loving wife, friend and relative, world citizen, teacher and homeowner.  I’ve started this blog for many reasons.  Two are that I love communicating and I miss blogging. My husband and I kept a blog, The MacLeod Thaimes, documenting our time as expats in Bangkok, Thailand and since moving back to the US we haven’t kept it up.  I hope Midwest Girl gets me back into the routine of writing and sharing.

I currently live in Eau Claire, WI. My husband and I have been in Wisconsin since January 2012, but in the Midwestern United States for our whole lives. We met and grew up together in Iowa, lived in Minnesota before Thailand, and now are settling into our first house in the “Badger State”. (I’ll always be a Hawkeye though!)

I’m envisioning Midwest Girl to include post that can be tagged with topics included in the subtitle. My goal is to blog at least 3 times per week. This blog will reflect my opinions. Right now any brand names, companies, or other formal entities I mention are mentioned because I choose to mention them.  I hope you enjoy my posts.

Thanks for reading Midwest Girl.

Exploring Buena Vista Park above Alma, WI while enjoying the views of the Mighty Mississippi  River.