Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Place I'll Always Call Home: IOWA

I love Iowa, it's not a secret. Tell your friends. It's where I lived for the first 23 years of my life. This past weekend we went back for the second time since moving back to the US.  Greg loaded his bike in the car with the goal of riding in at least one leg of RAGBRAI with his best bud David. The Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa is a week long ride across Iowa that 8.5000 official riders complete every year and even more (like Greg) who just join for a 1 or 2 legs. Greg rode Friday and the ride's last day Saturday. Next year he wants to do the whole thing.(click for this year's route)
Friday Morning: Greg and David are ready to go!

On Friday my nephew, sister in-law and I were among the spectators in the small town of Anamosa as the riders came into the city. We caught Greg riding in and he stopped for a photo op by the official entrance. It was a great morning.

After 42.2 miles on the road, Greg riding into Anamosa, IA. The city's motto for their stop was "Ride it like  you stole it!" playing fun on the fact that  Anamosa is home to a large state penitentiary. 
H and Molly hanging out in the shade watching the riders arrive. 
Greg ended up running into some old high school friends who rode together the whole week and they invited him to ride with them on their last day: Anamosa-Clinton.  So, I dropped him off at 6:30 Saturday morning to start his ride again!

While Greg was riding Saturday, I was hanging out in the park  with my mom, brother, sis-in law and our nephew at an event celebrating Puff the Magic Dragon's Anniversary. H enjoyed dancing to the music and loved watching the man making balloon characters. I don't know who was more interested, my brother or H?
Watch out! It's Spiderman!

Greg after his 69.4 mile ride. It's so nice to see him so happy!!!
We spent Saturday night grilling out at my brother's house. One highlight was singing, "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain, " with H while Greg pushed him on his swing. We somehow met up with friends most evenings and we both felt like it was great weekend! Now back to the real world: Eau Claire edition. 

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