Saturday, August 25, 2012

Apple Chips

Are you at home for a weekend and want to make a yummy snack? You should make apple chips. So delicious and healthy. So easy. 

You'll find yourself saying, "Hey, I just ate a whole bag of apples!" It makes you feel a lot less guilty than saying, "Hey, I just ate a whole bag of potato chips!"

Apple Chips
*I've tried this with granny smith and gala apples. I bet any variety would be great.
*You can bake them for less time, they are just more chewy. 

  • Apples (how many your little heart desires, I usually use a bag)
  • Cinnamon
1) Cut apples, discard any seeds
2) On parchment covered baking sheets, lay out apples
3) Sprinkle both sides of the apple with cinnamon
4) Put in oven at 275° for two hours. Flip apples half way through.
5) Cool on rack or paper towel. Store in a tight container.

A perfect afternoon snack, or breakfast!

Making apple chips make your house smell like fall! Enjoy!

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