Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dream Weekend Come True

I LOVE this picture. It's Greg and our nephew going on a bike ride around the block. H is Greg's number one fan! After seeing Greg on his bike last weekend on RAGBRAI, H finally decided to take Grandma up on her offer to get a bike of his own. 

We had a fantastic weekend! Do you think we took any pictures? Nope NOT A ONE. I hate when I let this happen! At least my brother snapped some pictures on his fancy phone.

Harrison did GREAT on his first long rides around our neighborhood (over 1/2 mile).  Greg and I realize how great of a place we are in for when we have a kiddo of our own. Someday…

The visit with my family was wonderful. Saturday consisted of visiting the Farmer’s Market, watching Eau Claire’s finest belly dancers (yes you read that correctly) , being awed at Chalkfest, and seeing the  classic cars at Summerfest. As my brother was admiring the old Corvettes, Harrison claimed "That's my favorite car," when we passed the Pepsi Truck selling hot dogs and soda. HA! I was also impressed that we could walk within 100 yards of a petting zoo and H didn't even notice. He was too busy looking that the brochure advertising downtown EC's sculpture walk. A man of the arts!

For dinner we had pizza! Harrison and I got the dough ready and he continued helping Greg as he assembled one of the best pizzas ever to come out of our oven. Did someone call delivery? Nope, just Greg!

Sauce, sweet basil, Thai basil, home-grown cherry tomatoes (roasted!), fresh mozzarella , Italian shredded cheese and a bit of pepperoni= Almost the best pizza ever. Wait... Add the smoked string cheese or jalapeno cheddar cheese curds in the the crust = The BEST pizza EV…ER.  We'll definitely re-create this pizza in the near future. I'll post more pictures of it when we do.

Amazing weekend with great family! 

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