Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF: Dream Weekend

TGIF! I feel like I can say that and really mean it today. I have offically started my school year with the Eau Claire Area School District. Next Tuesday I'll meet my students for the first time at their open house and the first normal school day is Wednesday. 

Before school starts, Greg and I are off to celebrate our 5th Anniversary at Woodland Trails Bed and Breakfast.

"Bed and Breakfast?" you ask. 
Yes, Bed and Breakfast.
"I've never been to one, aren't they for old people?"
 No they are not! In fact, we went to Woodland Trails on our honeymoon and again for our first anniversary. "Oh... maybe I'd like to check one out." 
You totally should!

Woodland Trails!

Driving around the trails at Woodland Trials. Yes, they have golf carts and miles of trails!

Traveling somewhere for the weekend? Consider a B &B. Want a weekend away without traveling far? Look for one close to your house. We've been to two B&B's. Woodland Trails. LOVED IT. The River Nest. LOVED IT.

At Woodland Trails there is an English Billards table.  We'll need to learn the rules again, but I know we'll spend plenty of time playing it. It's right outside the room we'll stay in again for the third time.
Enjoying the deck at The River Nest. Right next to the Mississippi River and the train tracks. With the windows shut, we didn't even hear the trains at night!

Our friends Jen and Dave have stayed at The Inn at Sacred Clay Farms near Lanesburo, MN. Right on the bike trail, it looks like one Greg and I could stay at and love! No frilly curtains nor lace and doilies.

Look at the scenery! The mid-western US is sure a beautiful place!

Another B&B that we haven't been to, but I think we'd like is Little House on the Farm near Postville, IA. It's owned by one of our friends parents. It looks so cute and inviting. 

Have a great weekend!

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