Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Monday: 8/27-8/31

Menu Monday

Monday: Left over Avocado Mandarin Orange Salad with left over homemade pizza

Tuesday:  Out with friends

Wednesday: Chicken Red Curry

Thursday:  French Onion Soup

Friday: Head to Woodland Trails B&B and grill out steak with potatoes

I hope you had a great weekend! We had a fabulous weekend getting to know Casandra. She arrived from Malaysia (via Abu Dhabi, Dublin, and Chicago) 11pm Friday night. 

We kept her busy trying to fight through the jet lag. Although somehow I was yawning last night before she was....

You name it we tried to give her that experience: Farmer's market, touring around town, disc golfing, making homemade pizza, Wii playing, church, trying to figure out a cell phone, returning something at customer service, people watching at Wal-Mart, Boccee ball, tipping at a restaurant, foggy mornings, and cool weather! 

Lastly, this morning Greg and I had our first like parent moments when we dropped her off at her dorm on the UW Campus to begin her international student orientation. We are so proud!

Three suitcases and a backpack! Pretty easy moving in  compared to US students!

Moving Casandra in made Greg and I reminisce about moving into our dorms. Such an overwhelming experience! Think of doing this on your third day in a new country. 

It will be cozy! Her roommate, Paris, moves in on Thursday. 

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