Friday, August 24, 2012

TGIF: Dream Weekend

TGIF! Wait!? It's Friday?! Where has the week gone? I have so much to do!!! With the first day of school approaching quickly, it seems a bit overwhelming. I don't even know what kids I'm working with yet! At one of my schools I have a huge classroom, at the other no space at all. It will work out. It WILL work out.

One reason I am super-duper excited it is indeed Friday is because today we meet our "Host Student" from Malaysia. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire has the awesome "Host Friend" program that pairs new international students with people (friends) in the community. Casandra will stay with us this weekend before moving into the dorms. Throughout the year, we'll be a community resource for her as needed... Dinner at our house here, maybe a trip down to the Mississippi there....We hope that we help her get a good idea of what the USA is all about! We pick her up at 11pm tonight from the airport just minutes from our house. It will be a her first time in the US. We even get to hold a sign with her name on it! Greg is excited for that part!

If we could take Casandra anywhere this weekend, maybe we would take here... Acadia National Park, Maine. Greg and I have never been. Isn't it beautiful?

On Monday we will take her here: Oak Ridge Dormitory on UWEC's campus. This will be Casandra's home this next year. Isn't it beautiful?

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